Chapter History

In Fall 2014, Delta Phi Lambda’s expansion committee embarked onto the campus of the University of Delaware with the goal of finding women who would be interested in establishing Delta Phi Lambda and bringing the first Asian Interest Sorority onto its campus. This process was initially met with challenges due to lack of interest and commitment which ultimately delayed the chartering process.

By the end of the Fall 2014 semester, the University’s Multicultural Greek Congress and Delta Phi Lambda gave the original six women who were interested in chartering another chance to recruit during the winter session of 2014. With the help of Delta Phi Lambda’s National Board, the group was able to recruit additional members to join their interest group. Unfortunately, one of the members recruited during the Fall decided to leave due to academic reasons and thus, the group were six once again. Although they felt discouraged,  the thought of almost losing the opportunity altogether provided further motivation and reaffirmed the group’s commitment and made them realize the importance of why they wanted to join Delta Phi Lambda: to become part of a sisterhood and undergo personal growth. Some yearned for a sense of belonging, while others desired a stronger connection with collegiate women on their campus.  They wanted to be connected to something larger than themselves. Some of the women had never before considered joining a sorority before hearing of Delta Phi Lambda but realized that membership into Delta Phi Lambda would provide opportunities of personal and professional growth. Fortunately, Delta Phi Lambda decided to give approval for the six women to begin the chartering process despite not meeting the requirement of seven. With the help of Elizabeth Thai, who had been in constant contact with the women throughout the process, they were ready to begin the chartering process in Spring 2015.

Despite innumerable challenges and endless struggles, these six women continued to pursue their goal of bringing the first Asian Interest Sorority onto their campus. They laughed and created valuable memories together, as they accompanied one another through their journey into everlasting sisterhood. Most importantly a bond was created and proved to be stronger each day. As the Sedulous Six, the University of Delaware Delta Phi Lambda Charter Class acted as one as they learned the importance in teamwork. Yvonne Ni, Joyce Chan, Eileen Ni, Kaitlyn Duong, Anna Huang, and Baely Gulbins strove to be known as strong independent women leaders and not just as college students. They strove to display the virtues of loyalty, honesty, respect, dedication, integrity, discipline, and academic excellence. The group wanted their chapter to expand from generation to generation and provide a home away from home for future women on their campus. The six chartering members attributed their success to their motivation, hard work and the support of each other as well as other sisters. Guided by Elizabeth Thai, the Charter Member Educator and Jennifer Le the Assistant Charter Member Educator, the Sedulous Six, Yvonne ‘Synergia’ Ni, Joyce ‘hii*jack’ Chan, Eileen ‘Avariella’ Ni, Kaitlyn ‘Empyreal’ Duong, Anna ‘N*vious’ Huang, and Baely ‘N.R.G’ Gulbins chartered the Seventeenth chapter of Delta Phi Lambda at the University of Delaware in Spring 2015.

Below: Our charter members.